1st International Scientific Conference Problems in Geomechanics of Highly Compressed Rock and Rock Massifs

Second Bulletin

Dear Colleagues!

The 1st International Scientific Conference «Problems of Geomechanics of Highly Compressed Rock and Rock Massifs» will take place at Far-Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia) with support of Institute of Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy of Science Far-Eastern Branch (IAM FEB RAS) and Mining Institute FEB RAS on July 15‑22, 2019. The venue of the conference is the Column Hall of the FEFU, Russia Iceland, Vladivostok.

You have an opportunity to review the list of accepted papers at the web-site of the Forum https://dcdgr.ru/, where you also can find the Program of the Conference a bit later in June. English language Presentation of Plenary Reports is demanded. The speakers can use Russian or English languages for oral reports.


July 15, Monday Arrival of participants. Registration of participants, the foyer, Building “B”, FEFU
July 16, Tuesday 8.30 Registration of participants, the foyer, Building “B”, FEFU

9.00 –18.00 Plenary session, the Column Hall of FEFU

July 17, Wednesday 9.00 –18.00 Working session, the Column Hall of FEFU. Parallel Sessions
July 18, Thursday 9.00 -12.00 Closing ceremony. Roundtable on Geomechaincs. Discussion of Russia‑China-India research cooperation program, Column Hall, FEFU.

13.00-18.00 Visits to Laboratories and City

July 19, Friday 8.00-18.00 Visit to Geodynamical Testing Ground (Dalnegorsk City)
July 20, Saturday 8.00-18.00 Comeback from Geodynamical Testing Ground (Dalnegorsk City) to Vladivostok
July 21, Sunday 10.00-12.00 – Program Committee Session.

17.00-20.00 – Friendship Dinner

July 22, Monday Departure of participants



The conference participants will be accommodated in the “Vladivostok” and “Amursky Bay” hotels in connection with the preparation of the International Hotel “FEFU Campus” for the Eastern Economic Forum. You can familiarize yourself with the conditions of accommodation on the websites of hotels: https://azimuthotels.com/Russia/azimut-hotel-vladivostok/, https://azimuthotels.com/Russia/a-hotel-amur-bay-vladivostok/.

Booking are made independently. A settlement in hotel is recommended in the “Vladivostok” and “Amursky Bay” hotels, which are located close to each other because the convenience of leaving for FEFU Campus by general bus during the Conference. In addition, booking is recommended no later than May 1st, since July is a high season.



You can get to the hotel from the airport “Knevichi” by electric train “Aeroexpress” to the City Railway Station and then take a taxi (details of the route on the hotel’s websites). Taxi ordering is possible directly from the “Knevichi” airport via a cell phone, we recommend the popular taxi service “Maxim” (tel.: 8-423-2888-888). In this case, the address of the hotel is announced to the dispatcher.

Delivering to the Campus during the conference will be carried out by a general bus from the “Vladivostok” and “Amursky Bay” hotels. You can get the FEFU Campus independently by regular bus number 15 from the “Funicular” Bus Stop or by taxi.


Proceedings of Conference Papers

 Conference reports that have been approved by the Program Committee will be recommended for publication in the international “Journal of Rock Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering”, indexed by Scopus and WoS. In addition, the publication of reports is possible in the journal “E3S Web of Conferences”, also indexed by the Scopus and WoS. Texts of reports in hardcopy (1 pic) and e-copy (.docx, .doc, .pdf) should be submitted both before the last day of the Conference. The rules for submitting articles are set out on the journal’s sites https://www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-rock-mechanics-and-geotechnical-engineering/, https://www.e3s-conferences.org/. Payment for the publication, if necessary, is made at the expense of the authors of the report.

Deadline for submission of reports is August 1, 2019. Please, e-mail the e-copy to conf_ru_cn@mail.ru.


Participation in conference events

There are some event planned during the Conference, including a visit to the Laboratory on “Geomechanics of Highly Compressed Rock & Rock Massifs” FEFU, a visit to a deep Geodynamic Test Ground at the Nikolayevsky mine, Dalnegorsk City and a cultural program.

Participation in all events is at the expense of participants and it is not included in the registration fee. A visit to the Laboratory does not require any expenses; visit the geodynamic test ground is including flight Vladivostok City – Dalnegorsk City in the business trip plan and back by flight or by bus with accommodation in a hotel. Details of the trip and the program will be sent to all comers.

The cultural program includes visiting memorials of Vladivostok (Vladivostok Fortress, City Aquarium, Opera and Ballet Theater, boat trips, etc.).

Please plan your participation in advance program and include all selected events in the registration form.


Payment of the registration fee

Registration fee for Russian participants is 5000 Rubles, registration fee for foreign participants is $200 USD. The amount of the registration fee was changed compared to the 1st Bulletin in connection with the requirements of FEFU for holding conferences.

It is preferable to transfer the registration fee for Russian participants through the ATM of Sberbank of Russia. For the foreign participants the payment details will be sent by separate notice until April 20th. Those participants who require payment of the registration fee under the contract, must send the details of the paying organization. Agreement negotiation in terms of FEFU takes from 1 month.


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Application deadline extended to April 1, 2019

The deadline for applications for the 1st International Scientific Conference “Problems in Geomechanics of Highly Compressed Rock and Rock Massifs” extended to April 1, 2019.

First Bulletin

1st International Scientific Conference « Problems of Geomechanics of Highly Compressed Rock and Rock Massifs» will take place at Far-Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia) with support of Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RFBR), Institute of Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy of Science Far-Eastern Branch (IAM FEB RAS), Mining Institute FEB RAS July, 15-22nd, 2019.

Forum official languages – Russian and English.

Basic Topics of Forum:

  • Deformation of highly compressed rock and massifs during earthquakes, rock bursts and explosions;


  • Rock failure mechanisms in the surrounding rock masses with deep level openings and in the source areas of disastrous events (induced earthquakes, rock bursts, coal and gas outbursts);


  • Phenomenological basis and development of theory of zonal failure (zonal disintegration) phenomenon in deep rock masses with tunnels;


  • Experimental methods of detection and research of cracking structures of rock and rock masses in the conditions of high compression;


  • New methods, measurement instrumentation and monitoring schemes for stress-strain state prognosis and control in rocks;



Far East Federal University

Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RFBR)

Institute of Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Branch (IAM FEB RAS)

Mining Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Branch

Primorsky Region Branch of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (PRB RANS)

Far East Regional Education and Methodical Centre (FER EMC)





Guzev M. A., Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Vladivostok, Russia)

Cai Meifeng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China)

Rasskazov I. Yu., Dr. Tech. Sc. (Khabarovsk, Russia)



Makarov V. V., Dr. Tech. Sc. (Vladivostok, Russia)

Li Yuan, Professor (Beijing, China)

Samui Pijush, Professor (Patna, India)


Academic Secretariat

Damaskinskaya E. E., PhD, (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Lyubimova O. N., PhD (Vladivostok, Russia)



Baryah A.A., Corr. Member of RAS (Perm, Russia)

Batugin A. S., Dr. Eng. (Moscow, Russia)

Bolikov V. E., Dr. Eng. (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Cai Meifeng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China)

Chanyshev A.I., Dr. Phys.-Math. (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Dight Phil, Professor (Perth, Australia)

He Manchao, Academician (Beijing, China)

Khachaj O. A., Dr. Phys.-Math. (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Kocharjan G.G., Dr. Phys.-Math. (Moscow, Russia)

Kornilkov S.V., Dr. Eng. (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Kozyrev A.A., Dr. Eng. (Apatity, Russia)

Leontiev A.V., Dr. Eng. (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Makarov P. V., Dr. Phys.-Math. (Tomsk, Russia)

Nazarova L.A., Dr. Phys.-Math. (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Odintsev V. N., Dr. Eng. (Moscow, Russia)

Oparin V. N., Corr. Member of RAS (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Pan Yishan, Rector (Liaoning, China)

Pellet Frederic, Vice-President of ISRM, Dr. Sci. (Lion, France)

Potvin Yves, Professor (Perth, Australia)

Protosenya A. G., Dr. Eng. (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Qi Chengzhi, Prof. (Beijing, China)

Qian Qihu, Academician (Beijing, China)

Revuzhenko A.F., Dr. Phys.-Math. (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Ryzhak E. I., Dr. Phys.-Math. (Moscow, Russia)

Sadovsky V. M., Dr. Phys.-Math. (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

Sashurin A.D., Dr. Eng. (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Shabarov A. N., Dr. Eng. (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Shkuratnik V. L., Dr. Eng. (Moscow, Russia)

Stanchits S. A., Prof., Dr. Eng. (Skolkovo, Russia)

Tarasov B. G. Professor (Perth, Australia)

Wesseloo Johan, Professor (Perth, Australia)

Zakharov V. N., Corr. Member of RAS (Moscow, Russia)

Zhao Jian, Prof. (Beijing, China)


Chairman of Organizing committee:

Golokhvast K. S., Dr. Sci., Vice-President for Research.

Vice-Chairman of Organizing Committee:

Bekker A.T.,Dr. Sci., Director of Engineering School FEFU.

Members of organizing committee:

Petuchov V.I., Deputy Director of Engineering School on Research;

Fatkulin A.A. – Chairman of FER EMC;

Andreev A.V. – Chairman of PRB Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;

Makishin V.N. – Head of Mining Department FEFU.

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